Autococker serial number dating

-WARPIG From: [email protected](Rob) Tom, With all the new guns hitting the market, such as the Shocker and the TS- 1. Kaye, I have a minimag, and my question is to you,can you put a uni-reg on the markers. I agree that your gun is a great inovation, but i can't seem to understand why people think they are so great.What is AGD going to intoduce to push the company into the future? Maybe it is the slew of negative propaganda towards the autococker that has done it.THANKS FOR ALL THE QUESTIONS All the questions were very good and I am glad to see that the players on the net are interested in more information on paintball.I would like to also take this time to clarify a few facts.


I look up to the great ones, and you are truly an inspiration to do good things for paintball. anti-siphon work equally well in keeping liquid out?I will one day be on the tourney ckt, and i hope to meet you in person. Who knows, my team might even get beat by a team with your guns. I also understand that the regulator itself keeps liquid out, and I've actually fired my gun upside down (feeding pure liquid) into the thing at least 30-40 times before it started spitting up liquid. 2) My Crown Point barrel is fine just until that first ball break.There is a new high rise power feed and increased velocity adjustment Many people have picked up this gun and fired 9+ shots per second the first time. For further info on the Automag-RT, take a look in the WARPIG coverage of the 1996 NPPL World Cup where the Automag-RT was officially unveiled. I think it is great that a whole lot of people think your gun is the best gun on the market.The gun only runs on nitrogen or compressed air and represents 2.5 man years of development. The higher rate of fire is no joke, it's like having power steering for your trigger! It makes my job with my autococker that much easier.

Somehow, everyone has the impression that auto- cockers are complicated and hard to work on. I will just keep my distance and keep them guess- ing why they bought the thing. I have two questions: 1) I have been running my 'mag vertical with a 7 oz. This has been keeping liquid out of my gun very well.

On an upbeat note, keep up the good work for the industry. From: [email protected](jay ) I play with a vm-68, and I just put a SP AA barrel, a remote and an expansion chamber on it. I have turned the bolt all the way out and have the valve set at 12 o'clock. However, will moving to a bottom-line system and a 20 oz.


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