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My 0 Samsung BD player died and I was looking for a cheap alternative that can also play some apps like picasa, netflix, pandora etc. I liked the features and the price tag but then VBR133 has 3D capability and that was very enticing, although I dont have a 3D tv yet.Since Bluray has been in the market for a while my expectations from any player were high.TV settings remaining the same, the quality of video from this player was much better than other bluray players I have plugged in. Again the video quality of Netflix was better than other players. At this time, the newer movies being released this year will no longer play on this player.Audio is smooth, in-sync with the video and flawless. I played Friends DVD in it and was surprised to see the improvement in video quality over regular DVD player or other bluray player. Although I could still make out the difference in quality compared to BD, I was still very very happy with the up-conversion quality. The remote worked from 35 feet distance and from a wide angles (left-right). After spending on the new RIO 2 3D for our kids, we just discovered this. But wanted to put review on here so others don't waste money on an outdated product that won't work in 2014 and beyond.Forward, reverse on blurays is quick, responsive and very fluid. We've only had our unit 1.5 years and already we will have to replace it. I will stay away from Vizio in the future all together.I connected to Netflix and it pulled my instant list along with other suggestions, genres etc. They could have chosen to remain loyal to their customers and offer additional updates.I played different blurays and all worked just fine. What blew my mind was the quality of the image rendered. But then one can always setup a universal remote to replace this one. (date 7/16/2014) we were informed that Vizio no longers makes Blu-ray players and therefore will not be making any more additional updates available to existing owners.


I currently have 3 Vizio TV's and this Vizio Blu-ray player, but I will now shop another brand in the future.They were down right rude on the phone regarding this issue. After talking with customer service for 45 minutes.


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