Avatar the last airbender dating sim game professional internet dating

As mentioned, the game will be published by THQ for Wii and DS release this June, and in it players will get to experience the story of the film from the perspective of Zuko, the villain, in a unique twist.

Although players will also be taking control of series protagonist (aka, good guy) Aang, as well as the Fire Nation prince and The Blue Spirit.

The game is based on the film called “The Last Airbender” which in turn is based on the hit Nickelodeon anime series called “Avatar: The Last Airbender”.

The movie had to drop the title “Avatar” due to a popular James Cameron film you may have heard of, but the game based on the movie will apparently be keeping the “Avatar: The Last Airbender” name.


Beware, the game is very large and may take long to load, but it's worth it.

After you design and dress up each element, you can display them together and even choose the presentation style.



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