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Your late grandfather has bequeathed his old farm to you.In spirit form, the old man appeals for you to take his land, restore it from its state of disrepair and become a master rancher to continue the family legacy.You can afford some seeds for grass and some basic crops, but plants take a few days of watering to grow and you can't purchase any animals until you have enough grass for fodder.

As you go on you get the opportunity to earn golden tools which help you plough through tasks more efficiently.

The first task is to clear the land of the rubbish that has accumulated – luckily, granddad has left behind a shed of tools too, so you don't have to buy the axe needed to chop down tree stumps, the hammer to smash up rocks or the sickle to easily slice away weeds.

With little money on your side and a bare farm, your first days are spent scrabbling around to get your place in a semi-workable state, breaking up obstacles and tilling the land with your trusty hoe.

You promptly exploit them by picking their food and selling it for your own profit: during the crucial initial days, you're sustained only by selling the bounty that the naïve little imps offer up.

Once those first sprouts have poked up through the ground, it's fairly easy to get into the cycle and start making some real money.The problem is, extra elements such as marriage are not present in the Game Boy version, so days on Harvest Moon's farm can become repetitive – you wake up, water the crops, feed the animals, collect anything to sell and then hop back into bed.



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