Average dating time before second marriage


Perhaps nowhere is our optimism more apparent than in our approach to marriage.

For one of every two of us, certifiable love can be expected to end in tears. Indeed, surveys consistently show that for virtually all of us, men as well as women, marriage holds an honored place on our wish list, something we believe is necessary for attaining life happiness? If our optimism steers us into marriage, it goes into overdrive with remarriage.

Hara Marano wrote this piece for Psychology Today after attending the Smart Marriages conference. Don't Even Think of Remarrying Until You Read This You may think you know more the second time around, but statistics prove you don't.

In fact, there's something about the decline and fall of a marriage that keeps folks from learning from their mistakes.

An astonishing 70 percent of the broken-hearted get married all over again.Making remarriage work takes much more than you think.By Hara Estroff Marano Americans are an optimistic lot.But even the increasingly common experience of prior cohabitation actually dims the likelihood of marital success.

A prior marriage actually decreases the odds of a second marriage working.

Ditto if you count as a first marriage its beta version; three decades of a persistently high divorce rate have encouraged couples to test their relationship by living together before getting married.



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