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Phil’s official Web site says he has “of course” issued a correct forecast 100 percent of the time.But NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center says Phil’s forecasts have shown “no predictive skill” in recent years.Interactive: The great groundhog ruse is over In 2013, Phil issued a forecast for an early spring, but bitter cold and snow gripped the eastern U. This year, the forecast suggests this winter will be remembered for its duration more than its intensity.Temperatures, so far, have been running close to or slightly above average across the Lower 48.This substantially reduces the total time needed to solve a single instance, while the solutions obtained are still close to optimal.

is so weak that it cannot solve any of the given instances we use random walks backward from the goal state to create a sequence of successively more difficult training instances starting with ones that are guaranteed to be solvable by h until a sufficiently strong heuristic is produced.

We test this method on the 24-sliding-tile puzzle, the 35-pancake puzzle, Rubikʼs Cube, and the 20-blocks world.

Does Phil sense a dramatic shift to come, favoring snow-lovers and ski bunnies? Since the groundhog’s first prediction in 1887, Phil has seen his shadow 102 times (including this year) and not seen it on just 17 occasions.

There are nine missing years in the record, but Phil has issued a forecast without exception.

Last year, Phil also saw his shadow — the final nail in the coffin for what was one of the most brutally long winters in the U. The unrelenting winter dragged on through March in many places in 2014. C., many locations accumulated more than 30 inches of snow last winter, and Phil chalked another one up in the “verified” column.While no one questions Phil’s dedication to the seasonal outlook, his accuracy is an enduring source of controversy. The prosecuting attorney in Butler County, Ohio, went as far as to seek the death penalty for Phil for “misrepresentation of early spring” before a Pennsylvania law firm came to Phil’s defense, claiming the Ohio attorney had no jurisdiction to prosecute the groundhog.



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