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On top of that, it isn’t something that you can easily find outside of Korea I don’t think. 😉 738-17 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea용산구 한남동 738-17Tel: +82 Hours of Operation: Mon-Sun, 24 hrs Expect to spend: Around 12,000 KRW per person with drinks Reservations: Not required HOW TO GET THERE: By subway, get off at Itaewon station (line 6), exit 2.

Walk straight and you’ll see a boutique hotel with a large metal dog sculpture on your left.

What makes it so interesting is that it looks utterly out of place in its surroundings. One wall was even laminated with what looked to be pages from a book or newspaper.

Seoul is a sprawling modern metropolis of steel and glass, but walk into Sigol Bapsang and you’ll be instantly transported to old school, rural Korea. Vintage bric-a-brac And finally, our banchan feast! We had so much fun picking on all the banchan that we didn’t even need a main course. We love banchan so it was refreshing to have it be the star of a meal for once.

means “side dish” and refers to those little plates of food served at the start of a Korean meal.

Most are made with vegetables, though some banchan contain meat and seafood as well.

As good as they are, banchan is no more than the supporting cast of a Korean meal, but that isn’t the case here. For just 8,000 KRW, you can have a feast of at least twenty different types of banchan to go with some rice and a steaming bowl of fermented soybean paste stew ( Simple but fun and cheap, this humble spread of side dishes turned out to be one of the most enjoyable meals that we had in Seoul.


Kimchi, that ever popular dish of fermented vegetables, is just one example of banchan. Here you can find the latest pictures, videos, translations and everything else related to them. As mentioned up top, 8,000 KRW gets you all of this. Based on price alone, I highly recommend that you enjoy a meal here on your next trip to Seoul.A different type of dining experience, it’s delicious, inexpensive, fun, plentiful, and very healthy.


Keep going straight until you see the convenience store pictured up top at the corner of a small cross street.

Sigol Bapsang is the restaurant with the orange sign right next to it.



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    I was more interested in his work, like he's shot a short film, and his plans, and what's he like as a person," she recalled. She said she was not impressed when she first met Mr Song through a dating app, but they got to know each other better after dating.

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    "If your message contains a keyword from the list then the message is not sent," the report explains.

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    As Neary says: "We just have one stipulation: don't be kak - it's a simple enough rule for people to relax and to be cool."Being cool is paying the R120 booking fee, showing up and engaging openly.

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    I can never forget when Valentine’s Day came along every year and the class had to give cards with candy to each student. When I used to sit and write guy’s names on the cards, I would always avoid the cards that had messages like, “Be My Valentine,” or “Hearts and Kisses to You.” This culture of dating has gone global; it’s not only a part of the West.

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    Upon arrival, women attendees get padlocks and men get keys.

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    Those from Mediterranean cultures were the ones who founded civilization.

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    Any non-white person who has online dated will know that race always comes into it.

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