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The Lionesses were unable to launch the improbable comeback against the two-time world champions and the wait for a win over Germany has now stretched to 20 matches.



And having won all 10 World Cup qualifiers en route to the 2015 World Cup in Canada, Mark Sampson’s squad came into the game in buoyant mood – but they were undone by three first-half strikes.Alex Scott deflected home Simone Laudehr’s header early on before captain Celia Sasic notched a classy brace to give England a mountain to climb.


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    “I think also right now I’m just really in love with my girlfriend,” confesses Stewart.

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    “Reverend Goodman was a very bad man.” The diocese has previously settled lawsuits connected to abuse by Goodman involving at least 13 people.

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    Afterwards, if there's interest (you discreetly circle on your interest sheet who you would like to hear from again), you'll get an email with links to contact these event participants.

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