Backdating income support match dating phone number

Good reasons can include if you were: You may also have a good reason for making a late claim if you have difficulty with reading or writing or with communicating in English. If you are not happy with it, you can ask the council to look at the decision again. Use Shelter's directory to find an advice centre in your local area if you need help.

Ask for your housing benefit claim to be backdated as soon as you can, if you are of working age.You can make your request when you fill in your housing benefit claim form.The form may have a space where you can do this or you may need to include a letter explaining why you did not claim earlier.Use Shelter's letter template to write to ask for your housing benefit to be backdated.

Your housing benefit can be backdated for up to one month if you are of working age.You must: If you made your request before 1st April 2016 your housing benefit could be backdated for up to six months.


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