Badoo dating usa

It was founded in 2006 and is ultimately owned by Andrey Andreev.Currently operational in 180 countries and available in 40 different languages, Badoo is thought to be gaining members at a rate of between 125,000 and 150,000 per day.‘Special Powers’ allow extra features to be activated.Badoo is available in the i Tunes App Store and on Android Market for Google Play with apps for your mobile device.Badoo is one of the few sites that offer a predominantly free service.When you sign up you can access chat functionalities, information about people with similar interests and view photos of available would-be friends or dates without having to pay a cent.



This blend of ‘free’ and ‘premium’ services has coined the word ‘freemium’ to cover exactly this scenario; where a basic free service can be enhanced with the purchase of paid-for extras.

Badoo is perfect for linking all aspects of your life and finding links between contacts that might escape the casual glance.


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