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C., after visiting friends here and discovering she really liked the city. I've met a lot of people, and I'm dating and it's great. "There are no cabs, which is weird for a singles scene [compared with D. Kind of dampens spontaneity." Kathy Homziak Kathy Homziak has had a difficult time meeting people since her partner died 12 years ago.

Worst Pittsburgh dating hang-up: Men don't approach women anymore. there were cabs waiting outside clubs and cabs on every corner.

"I can't seem to find a man who understands the concept of picking me up at the door, taking me to dinner, a concert, or a museum. Development of more areas such as Shadyside, the South Side and the Strip District, where people can walk around and go from place to place.


They go to school and then they leave [because] ...

Pittsburgh doesn't have a lot of great career choices." Favorite Pittsburgh singles hangout: She used to frequent Roland's Iron Landing and Deja Vu Lounge in the Strip District and Bar Louie at Station Square.

"I refuse to do the Internet or," she says. Name: Susan Haas Age: 49 Neighborhood/City: Bethel Park Occupation: chiropractor's assistant and artist Why isn't Pittsburgh a good place for singles? You have really beautiful teeth,' it's just too old." Favorite Pittsburgh singles hangout: Doesn't really have one. I'm not blaming them, but any place that's worth going is taken over by all the young people." What could be done to improve the dating scene? Tom Bellay Tom Bellay has tried Internet dating to no avail. He has tried clubs, but feels he's too old to hang out at places such as Pure and Prive and says the younger set is taking over restaurant-bars such as Nakama, where he used to be able to "just sit around and have good conversation." He thinks about leaving town every day. Those are all factors impacting the single life." Favorite Pittsburgh singles hangout: Seviche, Palomino.

Worst Pittsburgh dating hang-up: "It's just really sad here. Name: Tom Bellay Age: 42 Neighborhood/city: Moon Occupation: Insurance company business analyst. Worst Pittsburgh dating hang-up: "I just don't think the bar scene is a good place to meet someone." What could be done to improve the dating scene?

More places for older singles to hang out, such as wine bars."You won't have a young kid looking for fine cabernet." Beth O'Brien Beth O'Brien moved to Pittsburgh from Washington, D. If you're going to have any alcohol you have to plan very carefully.


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