Bdd 2016 updating osd

OSD is also an end-to-end solution for deploying Windows in a fully automated, repeatable fashion.OSD also builds on the WAIK the same way that MDT does.There are three main incarnations of the WAIK: MDT is stand-alone, end-to-end solution for deploying Windows in a fully automated, repeatable fashion.MDT builds on and uses the WAIK by adding best practices, scripts, tools, and a deployment methodology that significantly simplifies Windows deployment and brings it to a new level. MDT 2010 is the latest version of the toolkit which has been around for a number of years and was formerly called the Business Desktop Deployment (BDD) toolkit: (There were a lot of versions of the BDD and I don’t remember what each added or what they all were; for purposes of this post, the above is sufficient though.) The MDT is suitable for any Windows deployments where any level of automation is desired without a significant investment in custom scripting. OSD is a component of System Center Configuration Manager (Config Mgr) — not SCCM.Note that the MDT also operates in a second mode traditionally called Zero-touch Installation (ZTI) where it integrates into Config Mgr providing a few additional features/enablers that can solve some additional common challenges. In all but the simplest, image only deployments, no one should consider using just the WAIK. The choice between OSD and MDT has to do with the deployment, maintenance, and cost of Config Mgr.

There are numerous tools provided by Microsoft to deploy Windows; however, I see a lot of confusion and questions about which of these tools to use, when to use it, and what the roles of each of them are.

This is the baseline set of tools provided by Microsoft to perform the atomic operations involved with deploying Windows: things like creating and modifying a Windows image, creating and updating a Windows PE boot image, and creating answer files.


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