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While the company does not plan to launch their own dating websites in the future, they understand that user front end performance is critical to delivering the best results to both partners and affiliates.Dating Factory has recently turned their attention on improving user experience and, as a result, increasing member conversions and lifetime values for Dating Factory’s partners.As part of this strategy, the company has chosen to employ Mrs.Rautavuori-Knabe to lead a team of product managers and user experience experts to drive the company’s product division. Taru Rautavouri-Knabe joins the company with over six years of experience managing product development.Taru’s background and experience will be a huge advantage to the team.”Taru will be working from Dating Factory’s Swiss office.She holds an MSc in Economics and Business Administration and a B. in Business Administration from Helsinky School of Economics.Dating operates in 22 languages and supports 58 niche markets.

– Dating Factory, the international leader in online dating white labeling services, announces that Taru Rautavuori-Knabe will now lead their product division.Dating Factory focuses on providing quality white label solutions for the online dating industry.


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