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    This episode continued the trend of the character being absolutely adorable and saving dull moments of the show and making them stand out.

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    Today is the day my Apple Watch is supposed to get delivered!

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    They can also claim they're caring for an elderly parent.

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    Or if you’re feeling more forward, upgrade to find your match online using our advanced features.

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    I’ve been a fan of Quentin Tarantino since 1997 when my best friend showed me “Pulp Fiction” on VHS one afternoon after a particularly awful day at our particularly awful high school. My favorite movies up to that point were “People Under the Stairs” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Like most, I fell in love with the cult classic’s dialogue and Tarantino’s audacity — his film dared to be shocking, sexual and ultra-violent.

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    The beauty in is that they guarantee you will never have to see another random dude’s jock again.

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