Best astrology dating sites

Whether you’re in a long-term love affair or can’t break into one, you don’t need to fret about the future.We’ve rounded up the best psychic and astrology dating sites and blogs that will tell you about your love life according to the stars.Here are the top seven psychic dating blogs: is one of the most renowed astrology sites on the interweb.It is a hub for astrological advice, but it is espeically adept in the world of love and sex.Head to the dating tab to see your daily love scope for both singles and couples.Check out the compatibility reading for you and your flame.


It finds matches you are deeply compatible with- on a physical and emotional level.

It goes deep into people’s personal charts and identifies aspects relevant to the relationship.

Social Clout: 278,000+ Facebook likes; 6,200+ Twitter Followers Twitter Handle: @horoscopedotcom URL: You might feel constrained by the limitations of other psychic blogs, but Astro Center has an extensive well of love readings.

Get in touch with your primal side by reading up on your animal love match, which digs deep into the base of your personality to see how it chemically reacts to your significant other’s.

Get your dish of love readings from the love oracles or by contacting one of the psychics online.If you’re feeling scandalous, you can even get a reading from the erotic tarot cards.


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