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The Thoughtful Romantic The one thing I am most passionate about: taking care of others, helping people, and making people smile.

Yes – I know that sounds cheesy – but I try really hard to brighten the day of everyone I meet, even if that’s just by asking a cashier how they are or holding the door open for someone.

I try to always think of that quote by the Dalai Lama: “Be kind whenever possible.

It is always possible.” The most influential person in my life has been: My grandfather.

Like a recipe for a great dish, it’s about having a combination of ingredients working in your favour: a couple of well-lit, authentic pictures of yourself, combined with a pinch of wit, a decent helping of honesty, and generous servings of thoughtfulness, individuality, and attention to detail.

In this article, we’re going to introduce you to a few different dating profiles that each contain varying quantities of the above elements.

All three profiles manage to stand out from the crowd – they’re unique and free of the usual online dating clichés that people have come to expect, while still showcasing the user’s true personality.




These three examples reflect the more common online dating personalities: the thoughtful romantic, the witty comedian and the spontaneous adventurer.While each of the sample profiles below is specific to a gender, the elements of each profile remain the same regardless of whether the user is male or female.


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    Based on the 2012 bestselling novel of the same name, “Me Before You” rides the success of John Green-esque film adaptations to bring us a sappy romantic drama that knows exactly what it is.

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    Sorry, this doesn’t even look like a skinny David Addison.

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    “We’ve always had respect and wished the best for each other. It’s more gratitude for having had a good friend in a time of craziness in my life and in hers.” Such a gentlemanly response!

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    'And because I was a "virgin" to going to the midnight showings, the audience members took it upon themselves to take red lipstick and draw a big V all over my face and they actually drew a penis on my friend [Josh's] face!

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    The 18-year-old actress answered "yes" when she was asked on Twitter by @iemagazinn "are you bisexual? The question came after Bella retweeted a picture of her kissing another girl who was later identified as her BFF Bella Pendergast.

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