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I also understand that drug addiction is considered a sickness, but a distinction could be drawn between what choices these individuals had when they first made the decision to become a working lady and what choices most Indonesian sex workers were given when they made the choice.

The reason most Indonesian girls become involved in prostitution in bali, is a lack of education and poverty.

Yet Australians have run into trouble in Bali (remember the Schapelle Corby case? Lately the the Aussie press seems to be bent on painting Bali as dangerous.

To get the real, inside scoop, I interviewed Malcolm Scott, an Australian author who lived in Bali for close to a decade and has published two books about Bali’s sex trade and underworld, ‘Bali Raw’ (Monsoon Books, 2012) and ‘Bali Undercover’ (Monsoon Books, 2014). AO: MS: The biggest misconception, to my mind, would be a comparison between prostitutes that work in Western countries, like Australia, and working women in Southeast Asian countries, like Indonesia.

I’m sure there are a number of reasons Western women become involved in prostitution, and I don’t want to make too much of a generalisation.



I’m sure they would love to live in a society where social services took care of their fundamental needs, but they don’t.Using that term with a working lady would surely result in rejection, if not a slap.Bali, Indonesia, remains one of Australians’ top foreign holiday destinations.In 2013, nearly 1 in 25 Aussies visited, over 826,000 altogether.


The attractions are obvious – proximity to home, tropical beaches, low cost resorts and entertainment, culture, surfing and, yes, sex.

Whilst many Aussie men and women are happy to limit their sexual hedonism to other partying tourists and Balinese, many indulge in the abundant and beautiful prostitutes.


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