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Perhaps one of the most attractive aspects of herbal sedatives over modern pharmaceuticals is quite clearly the fact that only natural ingredients are used.

This is somewhat of a reassuring factor for those who perhaps worry about the side effects of modern medicine.

Hops alone do actually provide humans with a sedating effect but can be quite difficult to consume due to the bitter taste.

Herbal sedatives are extremely effective if taken in appropriate doses yet this is determined by the individual and his or her resistance to certain herbs.

This article gives you a concise breakdown of the top ten herbal sedatives to help you make up your mind about the most suitable alternative for your individual and specific requirements. Lavender Purple Lavender in particular is well known for its natural sedating effects.

However, Kava Kava is extremely effective and when taken using the upmost of caution, your anxiety or sleep disorder will see a huge improvement. Hops When we talk of hops, most people will immediately think of beer.Whilst one of the main ingredients in beer is indeed hops, excessive consumption of beer will present detrimental effects towards your health.As with all herbs, this form of sedative should be taken with caution as study has shown that prolonged consumption with alcohol can actually cause liver damage.If large amounts are taken, the consumer may also suffer from skin rashes.


When ready, the lemon balm should then be strained and into a small bottle and when the time comes that you need a little bit of stress relief, simply measure out a teaspoon of the balm and swallow. Californian Orange Poppy California poppy is a great herbal sedative that also acts as a mild pain reliever.

As with nearly all herbal sedatives, consumption of the California poppy should be avoided during pregnancy. Kava Kava Kava Kava is Polynesian and is well known for its beneficial effects with people who suffer from chronic pain conditions.


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