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Grunge was still in and the economy was slowly building up to the dotcom boom.

It is hard to believe that Tami Roman and Beth Stolarczyk from , both starred together 20 years ago, and have both become notorious reality bad girls since then.

Tami most notably became a bad girl on Tami is known for being one of the most dominant women in the group of wives, ex-wives, and girlfriends.

Beth was considered a little annoying but also ticked off roommates for bringing her cat into the house (who can also be seen in the cast photo! The roomies, however, were impressed when she won paintball. Watch Tami act as the bartender in the video above.

She is at her beauty prime here -- young, fresh-faced, and thin.

To this day I remember David pulling the sheets off of Tami.

Beth and Tami then both get in David's face about the incident. (This is the same David that Puck spits on in another show.) Tami was also pregnant at one point on and also had her jaw wired shut another time.

In addition to the dress, signs of pregnancy made it into the footwear as well — Beth initially chose to wear white Havana flip flops due to swelling in her feet!


season two cast member, 39, "was not expecting to be pregnant on my wedding day" and had already purchased a Carolina Herrera gown prior to learning that she was going to be a mom.

With alterations by R-Mine Bridal Couture to adjust the dress to her new form, Beth wed real estate developer Matt Ciriello as planned on Saturday, August 9th in Santa Monica.


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