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But to be on the safe side, the first step is to open the left side cover and make sure the engine case has that hole machined in. So now that it seems that some of you guys out there are actually going about making THE ONLY starter repair that is worth putting some money on, I'll give you some electrical help, as I promise before.

So, first let's look at the wiring diagram section for the starter, the starter circuit.

And yes you forget all that crap about the shims, clips, idler gear for ever and ever. clubbie 1982 XV920J shaft drive, kinda custom (sold) 1981 XV920R chain drive, complete restoration (sold) 2001 BMW R1150RT - new purchase 1985 BMW K100RS - needed much love, now done, my best resto yet 1985 BMW K100RT - needs freshening up. Europe and Australia and other markets already had the 'upgraded' starter installed at the factory as far back as 1981 TR1 (chainy).


Instead we can just mount the newer style long shaft starter? But I must admit, I'm a little confused about a second generation hole in a 1st gen crankcase. Did someone on the engineering team hitch a ride with Doc back to the future?The left hand side cover with the hardware (long shaft starter and gears, sliding forks, ect) from XV1000 84/85 and XV1100 86/87 fits the XV920 82/83. :grin: "I know we need that hole, but I can't remember how the rest of the system looked, guess we'll have to wait 3 more years!! The North American market 920's all had our weak starter.Before going out and buying the parts to upgrade the bendix type starter found on the early Virago's (1981 to 1983) as found on the 750 and 920, you must verify that your engine case is machined ready for the sliding fork of the solenoid type starter system. Other then the starter I am very happy with the old girl.It seems that the original 1981/750 engines are not made to be converted but all the 920's we've seen so far are ready. When I was on a motorcycle trip last week with the guys, everytime I started that thing everybody in the group looked at me "Are we going to be stranded 500 miles away with your bike? She really rides smooth above 70 mph down the highway.

Okay I've just run into this thread and need to make sure what is being said.

You're saying we don't have to fiddle around with any shims,clips,#2 idler gear,etc.


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