Bi phone hookup

DSL customers should contact their provider before transferring a phone number to ensure uninterrupted DSL internet service. /mo for 25GB Wireless Home Internet Plan, /mo for 50GB Wireless Home Internet Plan. Other Eligible Plans: May be added as add'l line to select postpaid plans that include voice & data for extra /mo to your existing plan. overages, must be used in billing period in which allowance is provided. If you exceed the allowance, your service(s) may be restricted or terminated.If you are using a Wireless Home Internet Plan w/out a Home Base on the account or you do not have all req. Other restrictions apply and may result in service termination. Actual delivery date may also be affected by government processing, unforeseen weather, and shipping carrier delays.I did this by stripping a RCA to Headphone Cable and plugging the L/R stripped part in the 'Front L/R' slots on the receiver. Then I attached a ground wire to the two ground terminals since the RCA cable only had a Red/White cable, no ground. Seems it's just providing us more confusion and is a waste of space?



I used a L/R RCA Cable and stripped the headphone part off to try to hook in the receiver. The Ceiling Speakers were installed without specs given to me after they were installed. There's about 8 speakers in total in the room But when I hook my amp's headphone jack to my amp directly (instead of using speaker wire), everything works fine. I want to create a permanent solution and make it not have a random wire sticking out the front. The ideal setup is to use all 8 speakers for maximum audio coverage, all in stereo. Specifically because the Crown amp needs line level input, which your AVR doesn't provide.Sony STR DN840 Receiver (Bluetooth/Pandora Audio Hosting) XLS 1000 Amp (L/R RCA to Phono on Receiver)..(Want to utilize Receiver's speaker inputs) Episode ESS-6-BLK Speaker Selector (Left, Right, Ground, Ground going to Amp. (16 wires going to selector, 8 speakers) I tried hooking the amp's L/R RCA Jack input slot to my receiver. You don't plug an amplified signal into a line level input as it will damage things (it's one of the reasons why you're going into protection mode, it's trying to save your equipment). Going to try ditching the amp that was provided tomorrow.


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