Bible verses christian dating


Find Bible verses on every subject including family, temptation, wisdom, and healing.Express your heartfelt sentiments, add an uplifting message to a greeting card or get-well note, find that special verse to include in your wedding vows, or add new verses to your Scripture memorization list.Other examples of this type of business include buffets, cafeterias and chain steak houses.In-N-Out Burger, known for its animal style fries, includes references to Bible verses on the bottom of their cups.When you're searching for just the right words of encouragement from Scripture, these Bible verses by topic are for all occasions and holidays.They are alphabetically organized to help you quickly and easily locate the passages you need.



Some of the verses include Revelation , John , Matthew and 1 Corinthians .

The practice of including Bible verses on the bottom of their cups started in the 1980s under the presidency of Rich Snyder who wanted to find a better way to reflect the company's Christian beliefs.


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