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If we don't have events listed for your age group, maybe you or someone you know would enjoy becoming an 8minute Dating Event Organizer - it's a fun way to earn money in your spare time!

Just click the "Event Organizer" link on our web site to learn more and to apply.

Hello Risa I got married to a woman I met at one of your events. Jim & Erica - Hillsdale, NJ (Married in May 2015) Event Organizer: Eclectic Events, Inc. Back in May of 2013, Christina and I met at one of your speed dating events that you held at the Colorado Cafe.

We didn't know it at the time, but you introduced us to the person that we were going to spend the rest of our life with...

If most people in this group would be interested in dating someone your age, then feel free to sign up for that event!

A: We don't check IDs at the event, but we do want our participants to be "age appropriate".

Why do some of your events have different age ranges for men and women?A: Our research indicates that most women are comfortable with meeting men who are a few years older than themselves, and most men want to meet women who are younger than themselves.


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