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TI: Millionaire Match has many single millionaire men from Alabama looking for women to date and marry.

Auto majors of the state Since 1993, the automobile industry has generated a large number of jobs and in fact Alabama currently ranks 4th in the nation for vehicle exports.

The environment is very inviting, inside and outside of the classrooms.

The faculty here are very professional and involved in the lives of their students.

Automakers accounted for approximately a third of the industrial expansion in the state during 2012.

The Arsenal is a garrison for a number of tenants including the United States Army Materiel Command, Army's Aviation and Missile Command, the Missile Defense Agency of the Department of Defense, and NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in the third position was the Maxwell Air Force Base and in the sixth was the Army Aniston Depot at Aniston. Army Materiel Command, headquartered at Redstone Arsenal.

Alabama produces aerospace and electronic products, mostly in the Huntsville area, the location of NASA's George C. All this means that a host of top ranking defense officers, super qualified skilled engineers and other highly skilled professionals are residing in the many defense establishments in the state of Alabama; and while their take-home pay may not be able to match those of hedge fund managers and millionaire entrepreneurs, the highly quality of life and the glamour of the uniform could be enough to make for a highly satisfying dating life.


However now with the diversification of economy, it is being seen as a great place to live and work – especially if you are looking for a rich guy to mentor your personal life.

Men in Uniform Following World War II, Alabama experienced growth as the economy of the state transitioned from one primarily based on agriculture to one with diversified interests.


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