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If any of your friend’s boyfriends asks you not to hang out with your own friends, tell him to fuck off. Also, there are some STDS and sexual health problems that are more common in LGBT folks (and not just HIV/AIDS).



I’m bi, 19, not in college, and live in a decent-sized city. Anna Says: Never underestimate the potential of Gap dressing rooms. At our most base, we are all just girls, staring at other girls through our computer screens, hoping someone will want to spend time with us naked. On your train, in the rain, with a fox, in big box stores, etc. Go out and do ALL THE THINGS, even better if one of those things involve a somewhat gay angle, like volunteering for an LGBT community center or taking a class on stripping a motorcycle engine or something. Those new friends might be able to introduce you to their hot friends.

There’s no fool-proof way to meet queer women, but your odds are better of meeting them if you do a bunch of activities you like doing (but not, like, reading, which is great, just not for meeting the ladeez). Just people, not even necessarily people you want to see naked.


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