Black and white dating in pheonix arizona


Some of the more expensive, upscale neighborhoods offer great views of the Valley and they are safe.

But of the neighborhoods can be unsafe – especially at night. You can’t beat the affordability, the proximity to downtown Phoenix and the potential.

I live just east of Laveen (in south Phoenix) and homes are very affordable. South Phoenix – You gotta pick your spots in south Phoenix!

Some neighborhoods are beautiful, safe and affordable.

Some people want to know if the Valley of the Sun has an All-Black Neighborhood. Black people amount to 7 percent of the Maricopa County population (US Census Bureau) and we are spread out all over the Phoenix metropolitan area.

However, I’m a native and I think the Phoenix area is a desirable place for African Americans to live if you are open-minded and proactive about finding activities, business opportunities and friends.

Read more of my thoughts about “How to Survive as a Black Person in the Phoenix Area.” Let’s get back to the topic … Shopping centers, restaurant and entertainment venues are coming, but right now Laveen has little night life.


South Phoenix was once considered the “black part of town,” but the Hispanic population is the dominant demographic now.For the most part, the people are down-to-earth and friendly.You can find affordable homes, shopping centers, some restaurants, some entertainment venues, but South Phoenix definitely has much room to grow. Cuts to Arizona’s education budget have really hit the South Phoenix schools hard.Central Phoenix – Is my top choice for single people (no matter what race you are).

A lot of out-of-towners have asked me about diversity and the best places to live in Phoenix.

They basically want to know Where Do Black People Live in the Phoenix Area?!


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