Black men think black women dating white men


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Donald Trump continues to alienate everyone but rich white men in a press conference held today while speaking about the protests from groups holding up signs that say, “Black Lives Matter” in South Carolina where racially-motivated violence continues after several black churches have been burned to the ground after Dylan Roof shot up another church.

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I was watching CNN and a white man said, "black men get a little piece of success and then marry a white woman".


He knows that black men want to be white men so bad that they are doing it all wrong.If you get money from white america your not suppose to give it back to a white women you give it to your own and thats how the black man is fucking up. A white man would give his money to a white women to flip the coin and get more wealth.Many of the activists have since urged the state to remove its confederate flags from all state buildings.When asked what he would do about the protests and the issue of racially-motivated violence, Trump simply stated: “there’s no such thing as racism anymore.


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