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For every bum nigga that would rather live off his baby mama, play Xbox, and try to fuck your homegirl when you’re not around, there are ten more brothers who are about their business. Your only window into white men must be , because real life white men aren’t all storybook.Right now, a few black men are reading and think they know the reason for this problem. There are white women who have been crushed just as many times as black women, but they rarely make it a race thing, they flip their hair and proclaim, “God .I never take offense because I’m a young black successful man who treats his woman like the goddess she is.However, just like I feel a need to stand up for black women, I feel a need to stand up for my brothers out here who don’t get a fare shake because of this stigma.

If enough women are clinging to these beliefs, wouldn’t that make it true? Dating and relationships are like Yelp reviews, rarely do you see people chime in when everything is great, it’s only when they are done wrong that they voice their opinions.

From an entertainment standpoint, I enjoy “ain’t shit” jokes about lazy, bad credit having black men.

They believe black women are angry or bitter so they look for ways to slander the brotherhood. Both men and women love to play the victim card and that young shit is what keeps the sexes divided. I feel where she’s coming from but let’s not forget that the grass is always greener on the other side. I suggest googling the legendary Tucker Max before you get on that Uncle Ruckus express and start praising how good white men treat women.

I know a few white slackers who come from upper middle class homes but still would rather hit the bong and skateboard than work.

There is one thing I find extremely ironic, and that’s the bashing of black men by a number of black women.We’ve all heard the phrase “Niggas ain’t shit” it’s not being uttered by Mitt Romney’s campaign manager; it’s being said loud and publicly by our own women.


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