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We will look at how an existing site becomes aware of updates, how to validate the prerequisites and update the site.After that we will also see how to update the other components like the console and clients.Through the service connection point the site becomes aware of new updates.If any updates are available they are listed in the Sites and Servicing node in the Configuration Manager Console.Although not generic code, I shall be using this again as a starting base to update any property in future.You will ideally need to run this on the server with an account with the appropriate permissions to update all user profiles. NET Achievements Android Azure Business Intelligence C# Calculated Column Certification Chris Clements Client Object Model Code Plex conference CU Development EPM Form Services 2010 François Souyri Info Path 2010 Information Rights Management i OS i Pad i Phone IRM ISCLondon Java Script JQuery Microsoft Ignite 2015 Microsoft Word Mobile Application MOSS 2007 Office 365 Office 2010 Other Performance Power Shell Prefill List Form Presentation Project Project 2010 Project 2013 Project Conference 2012 Project Management Project Managment Project Online Project Server Project Server 2007 Project Server 2010 Project Server 2013 PS2007 PS2010 Rights Management Server RMS Search Share Point Share Point 2010 Share Point 2013 Share Point 2016 Share Point Designer 2010 Share Point Online Share Point Saturday UK SP.We will not go to much into detail on this specific topic.



In the Easy Setup Pay Load folder you will find the actual content that was downloaded.

Earlier this week Microsoft has released update 1512 for Configuration Manager.

In this post we will focus on the implementation experience and walk through the steps required to implement this update in an existing TP4 1511 environment.

I have recently had reason to update the Picture URL property value via Power Shell in Share Point 2010 for all users in the system.


As a result, I wrote the following Power Shell script to update the property value using string replace.

From the updates and servicing node you can first run a prerequisite check before installing the update.


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