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19, 2014 that Montana¿s constitutional amendment limiting marriage to between a man and a woman violates the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment to the U. Morris wrote in his decision that Montana no longer can deprive plaintiffs and other same-sex couples of the chance to marry their loves. (AP Photo/Montana Supreme Court) "This Court recognizes that not everyone will celebrate this outcome," Morris wrote.

The move comes after four same-sex couples filed a lawsuit in May challenging Montana's gay marriage ban.

Park County issued its first same-sex marriage license hours after the ruling.


(AP) — A federal judge on Wednesday overturned the state gay marriage ban in Montana, one of the last states to continue defending its ban despite rulings in favor of same-sex marriage from appeals courts that oversee them. "This decision overturns a Montana Constitutional amendment approved by the voters of Montana.This undated photo from the Montana Supreme Court shows then-Montana Supreme Court Justice Brian Morris at an unknown city in Montana. Yet the United States Constitution exists to protect disfavored minorities from the will of the majority.""It is the attorney general's sworn duty to uphold and defend Montana's constitution until such time as there is no further review or no appeal can be made in a court of law," Fox said in an email to The Associated Press.


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