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CREDITSExecutive Producer Ken Corday Co-Executive Producers Greg Meng, Albert Alarr Producer Janet Spellman-Drucker Directors Albert Alarr, Grant A.

Johnson, Phil Sogard, Herb Stein, Steven Williford Coordinating Producer Randy Dugan Head Writers Dena Higley, Ryan Quan Production Designer Daniel Olexiewicz Music Directors Steve Reinhardt, D. Antonelli Costume Designer Richard Bloore Hair & Makeup Head Nicky Schillace Produced By Corday Productions Inc.


Since 2014, the characters of Sami Brady, EJ Di Mera, Kristen Di Mera, Eric Brady, Daniel Jonas, Paige Larsen, Serena Mason, Will Horton, and Bo Brady have all left the show, many through death.

In addition, actress Kate Mansi, another fan favorite, has announced she’s leaving “There have been hints that Jen Lilley was leaving the show soon.

, and fans are wondering why she’s leaving, and if the character of Theresa will be recast.

Viewers are hoping for a recast, because the alternative is either losing the character because she leaves town, or because she dies.

The show has garnered 43 Daytime Emmy Awards, including 2015's Outstanding Daytime Drama, and numerous nominations, as well as multiple People's Choice Awards, GLAAD Media Awards and Prism Awards.The show airs nationally on NBC in the United States and in over 25 countries internationally.


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