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In a short period of time, amid wedding day excitement, and jitters, as well as an unexpected need for more lighting, the sun did come out, eventually, you calmly catered to everyone’s personal needs and made them look stunning by bringing out their natural beauty.

I think the final look was soft and natural but also very fresh.

Of course the purples you chose for shadow also brought out the blue in my eyes!

I have to say, it felt like a long time friend was doing my make up.

I have been thoroughly spoiled with all of the expert care and support that came my way on my special day. I really enjoyed the consultation process and was very happy that you listened carefully and let me stay with my own lashes and the browns that I usually wear on them.

I’m so glad that L recommended you to me and that we discovered our VOC connection too.

I was happy to introduce you to my family on my wedding day, and the whole experience became very personal and really added to my day.

My make up also had to be different enough from my every day look to catch Chris’ attention while adding beauty to the all-important wedding photos which we will look back on for years to come.

Thank you Christine for welcoming me into your life at such a precious moment - I will never forget this day and wish you and Chris many blessings in your married life. "Dear Melanie-Dawn, we look so serene-no sign of my pre-wedding nerves there! She spent some time putting into words her experience with me on her wedding day and I was so moved that she took the time to think about what effect adding this intimate service to her most special day had brought to her and her attendants.


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    He has his favorite restaurant, for example, and he closes his mind to any other restaurant you might suggest.

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    On assignment for the magazine, Laub traveled to the town to visit Rich shortly after — and has been documenting the Mount Vernon community ever since.

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