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The main one is Frumster.com, which skews toward the more religious of the Orthodox community (hence the word frum, which means “religious” in Yiddish), although now it has opened up to all “marriage-minded” Jews, according to Ben Rabizadeh, CEO of Frumster.The Web site claims 20,000 members and 542 couples (married or engaged) and starts at .95 per month, but still seems aimed most at the very religious, especially given that it requires users to specify levels of observance.” from the security guy....) For more personal intervention, try the new Jretromatch.com, which uses paid matchmakers to set Jews up (that’s the retro part). If you don’t want to leave your entire fate to the matchmaker, (and its non-Jewish counterpart, retromatch.com) also will let you peruse the database on your own.At .95 for a gold membership (which gets you six months plus two “free bonus months”) it’s less than JDate for the same amount of time, although with a much smaller membership (launching with 2,500 non-Orthodox culled from Saw Youat Sinai’s lists).

Events include functions at bars and clubs, dinner parties, Broadway shows, music festivals, cruises, museum nights, other special events and more.You can choose between Traditional and Non-Orthodox, Modern Orthodox-Machmir, Modern Orthodox-Liberal, Yeshivish Modern, Yeshivish/Black Hat, Chasidic, Carlebachian, Shomer Mitzvot.“J-ated,” as in “jaded,” might be the best way to describe the ennui that has set in among many JDaters these days, singles tired of the merry-go-round of endless possibility and disappointment.In spite of that, or because of it, new dating Web sites seem to pop up every day.


If they find someone who matches your itinerary, you can pay to contact that person. All Jewish souls were originally at Mount Sinai, so it’s based on the pickup line, “Haven’t we met before? ”) Saw You At Sinai aims for traditional and religious Jews and has a firm foothold in the Modern Orthodox market.(It might beat hearing, “Can you take off your belt, Miss? It claims 14,000 members and 95 married success stories.



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    From Dawn To Dusk is the first release by Psyalaska Tribe, a new label from Slovakia that grew out of a community of organizers, DJs, producers, and deco artists dating back to 2001.

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    Other sites are more specific, based on the type of members, interests, location, or relationship desired.

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    There's no better place to start your search for sex, a long term relationship, online fun or adult dating. We believe that every relationship starts out all about that sexual connection that puts two horny adults together and nature takes over and it's naughty, erotic, sensual fun. Regardless of the type of relationship you're seeking, you could find it right away but it means you'll have to take that first step and come inside.

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