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At p.m., I popped popcorn, got my pop, and got all settled in just to see Kilbane as Stan the Java Man.Other highlights include: performances by Corky and the Juice Pigs, and the Kenny Rogers skits. I just remember that when Stuart showed up, I lost all interest and switched over to Saturday Night Live and never looked back. Like I mentioned, Pat Kilbane was my favorite, and it still makes me sad that I don’t see him in much.


Katherine Heigl The OG celebrity electronic cigarette user. JWoww She’s also responsible for starting the trend. Britney Spears The lyrics to Queen B’s hit single “Toxic” do not apply here! Leonardo Di Caprio Cigarettes kill more than 480,000 people each year.

He can handle the truth: electronic cigarettes are here to stay.5. Natasha Lyonne Clearly, electronic cigarettes are the new black. Simon Cowell He’s about as irritable as they come so it’s a good thing he’s got an ecig on hand to calm his ass down. Thankfully he won’t be one of them now that he’s made the switch to ecigs.

It’s no secret that our society turns to Hollywood to identify new trends. police condemned her for supporting a product that was not FDA approved.

Back in 2010, when Grey’s Anatomy actress Katherine Heigl appeared on the David Letterman Show and raved about electronic cigarettes she sparked a media frenzy pertaining to the (then) new nicotine delivery device on the market. Still, over the past four years tons of celebrities have followed suit and made the switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic.

But at the end of the day, these high profile people are only encouraging the rest of us to get on board with the trend and quit smoking. He won’t be able to ride that wave for much longer though, since recent smoking bans will prevent electronic cigarette users from vaping in public places like bars, restaurants, parks, and beaches. Catherine Zeta-Jones Real Housewives know what’s up. Bruno Mars Electronic cigarettes are incredibly gentle on the lungs, so Bruno’s voice is still powerful enough to fill huge arenas… Christina Milian Dip it low, vape it out slow, girl. Zayn Malik of One Direction In terms of enjoying nicotine, there is only one direction: ecigs. Ronnie Wood When one of the Rolling Stones is seen with one, you know that electronic cigarettes have made it.

So in support of Hollywood’s alleged glamorization of electronic cigarettes, here’s a comprehensive Buzzfeed-style list of 32 celebrities who are all about that #vapelyfe.1. Michelle Rodriguez She was recently photographed using a vaporizer to smoke weed at the Knicks game with rumored girlfriend Cara Delevigne, so we’re not sure what she’s vaping on here - but either way, glad to see she’s on our team.11. Jenny Mc Carthy She’s the spokeswoman for Blu and claims that electronic cigarettes are responsible for improving her dating life. Lindsay Lohan Kudos for cleaning up your bad girl rep with ecigs, Li Lo! Debra Wilson Bunifa Latifah Halifah Sharifa Jackson stands behind electronic cigarettes.16. Depp went the ecig route in his film “The Tourist”. Julia Louis-Dreyfus Lawmakers were PISSED after JLD was shown at the 2014 Golden Globes hitting the ecig.



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