Buried alive dating


Some accounts said that two older relatives had tried to intervene, but they too were shot and buried alive with the teenagers.More than six weeks after the deaths no one has been arrested and human rights groups have accused local authorities of trying to cover up the executions.


The Pakistani Daily News condemned the killings and called for those responsible to be brought to justice.

"Surely the government should be seeking the murderers, not protect (them) through some dark conspiracy of silence.

Mr Zehri told parliament that a fuss should not be made over the killings, however several politicians stood up in protest, describing the so-called honour killings as "barbaric".

Human Rights Watch described the murders as a "heinous criminal offence".

Gone are the ho-hum observations on life; while continuing to deliver hour-plus sets full of punchlines, it feels more like social commentary rather than commentary on what it's like to be social.But old Aziz fans shouldn't fret – he still manges to slip in jokes about his younger self being molested and the notion of Xzibit raising a busload of babies.



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