California penal code intimidating witness internet dating success percentages

Alternatively, intimidation may result from the type of society in which individuals are socialized, as human beings are generally reluctant to engage in confrontation or threaten violence.Like all behavioral traits it exists in greater or lesser manifestation in each individual person over time, but may be a more significant "compensatory behavior" for some as opposed to others.Being accused of domestic violence can make you feel like your world is coming undone.


A plaintiff who prevails in a civil action brought pursuant to this section may recover both of the following: In order to convict a person of making criminal threats, the government must prove: (1) The defendant willfully made a threat to commit a crime resulting in death or great bodily injury to the victim (2) The threat was made with specific intent that the statement be taken as a threat, regardless of whether Defendant actually intends to follow through.(3) The threat was communicated to the victim either verbally, in writing, or by electronic communication.


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