Californian dating

California is the worst place to date for the straight ladies. Well, this may not be news to a lot of west coast women out there, but it's official ...Safe sex is a standard in California where there has been so much hype about the dangers of Aids and other STD’s that a woman might even ask you to use a piece of celophane over her parts when you go down on her.A good way to hit on Californians is to take a course in palmistry/ tarot/astrology and offer to give someone a reading.In these circles people don’t refer to their long term lover as boyfriends or girlfriends but rather as their ‘primary’.

These are pretty much orgies in people’s houses or in alternative clubs where the rules for engagement are only that you should make eye contact before moving in.

to harder criminal charges, it's safe to say Cali men did not have the cleanest records. The same state that has given us iconic romantic movies is also the place that's lacking romance in real life.

In the Bay Area at least, it’s said that ‘polyamory is the new bi’.

The days of monogamy are numbered as a new generation of free lovers keep a whole bunch of relationships going at the same time.

Dirt, a free way to anonymously do background checks, conducted a survey to find the top 10 worst states to find a decent guy. After reviewing over 1.5 million search records, a lot of juicy stuff surfaced — and by juicy we mean horrifying.

From crimes such as petty theft, identity theft, fraud, back child support paymentss etc.


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