Cam chat naked parents and family

Μάθετε περισσότερα για τις ασφαλείς κοινοποιήσεις.Αν είστε κάτω των 18, καλύτερα να μιλήσετε με τους γονείς σας ή με κάποιον άλλον ενήλικα που εμπιστεύεστε, προκειμένου να σας συμβουλεύσει τι να κάνετε.It reminds me of the Joey Salads video, obviously, but also of the parents who had their 6 year old snatched, blindfolded and led down into a basement where the “kidnapper” threatened to nail him to the wall — all to teach him not to talk to strangers.Of course it makes sense to teach our kids about Internet safety. That they shouldn’t share too much information, or assume that what they post will ever disappear.What is so hard to understand is that, first of all, our kids today are NOT in constant danger.Also: The vast majority of crimes against children are committed NOT by sneaky strangers, but by people they truly know.That boy’s mom and grandma wanted to keep their child safe, but I would not be surprised if any natural “gut instincts” of his have been shattered for life.(Not to mention his trust in his loved ones.) The same goes for the young ladies here.

The video shows an admitted prankster, Coby Persin, who looks to be about 30, pretending to be a teen as he chats with some girls online.They agree to meet, whereupon he films each girl’s shock and near collapse when it turns out to be him and his terrifying “safety” message.


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