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, in which props and costumed performers appear in theatrical situations that evoke the stained glass windows of Gothic cathedrals, yet possess a contradictorily contemporary sensibility in their actions and manner of speech.

The title of the 12-minute film is a play on the popular phrase “Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll” and captures both the obsessive and unconventional qualities of the acting and mise-en-scene, as well as the allusion to stained glass windows’ original function of communicating moralistic religious tales to a largely illiterate public.

Over a period of several years he worked in the sector, he suggests that it was more and more disgusting, the more he saw. He also claimed that an average customer would leave thousands of NOK by renting a girl for hours.

A foreign stripper, who has worked at the strip clubs in the U. and several European countries also told VG that the clubs she worked in Norway last year pushed for more close contact with customers and used to bring tens of Eastern European girls.

The film suggests how allegory and metaphor were once used to condition and control human social behavior and how this condition is extended in contemporary political rhetoric.

Wardill was born in 1977 and lives and works in London.

The producers of the documentary used a hidden camera and they have documented the sale of sexual service in a strip club in Oslo.

According to VG- based on a new and controversial documentary, alcohol abuse, and prostitution are common in Oslo strip clubs.The documentary "Insider," which is broadcated on the TV channel Max on Tuesday evenings, put the strip industry in Norway under microscope.


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