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Before his arrest for his chats with our decoys, he had already been convicted of a felony in the category of "Crimes Against Life and Bodily Security," Felon in Possession of a Firearm, Battery, Hit and Run, and Disorderly Conduct.Even with his lengthy criminal background, the prosecutor agreed to a deal that dropped the felony charge of Cause Child 13-18 to View Sex.tonezonenj (10/02/10 PM): YES u arepurplestardust96 (10/02/10 PM): wow tytonezonenj (10/02/10 PM): single?purplestardust96 (10/02/10 PM): yeapurplestardust96 (10/02/10 PM): what is ur asl?



purplestardust96 (10/02/10 PM): u r cutetonezonenj (10/02/10 PM): thankstonezonenj (10/02/10 PM): blushestonezonenj (10/02/10 PM): u have any?tonezonenj (10/02/10 PM): 28 m milwtonezonenj (10/02/10 PM): u?


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    Use of Phone Sex Chatline acknowledges your acceptance to all usage terms and conditions set forth in Legal.

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