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is invaluable for searching for discussion of the truly weird! uk is good on the British angle, particularly for 1950s gears.Greg Overton writing on has an interesting article on Zeus Cyclofiend has a huge range of photos of just about every bike you could imagine.We specialize in Schwinn Paramounts, various eras and models of Raleigh (including the 3-speed Sports), and multiple Italian brands including the famed component manufacturer, Campagnolo.We house the most complete and up-to-date version of Raleigh's serial number charts available online - complete with extended information pertaining to presently unknown serial systems - in addition to detailed references for the Raleigh Sports DL22, rear derailer videos, photos, and reviews of period bicycles. Welcome to the "Headbadge" - your source for classic bicycle information and data.The Headbadge specializes in vintage lightweight roadbikes and English 3-speed roadsters, amongst others.


But what really captures my interest is the sense of his experience of being one of the pioneers who brought Japanese products to the US market in the 1970s.

It’s the image of a pile of vegetable crates full of old hub-gear parts about which one viewer has commented; ‘Be still my heart’.

The Fat Tyre Trading Post has a pleasingly random collection of interesting items.

I particularly liked a 1950 BSA catalogue and an 1941 Iver Johnson Light Weight Touring bike with a Rota derailleur. One particular photo (actually not of a derailleur) caught my eye.

The Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club has an excellent but very dense site with information about part numbers and dates.For example, try looking under Shimano and ‘Digest-RD’ and click the link letters beside the various models. The derailleurs are listed under Museu Virtual I to IV. sells an excellent range of copies of Campagnolo catalogues - but its site is quite informative even if you choose to buy nothing. has a useful (and very complete) collection of annual Fuji bike catalogues, which are useful for dating various Sun Tour and Shimano models.


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