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INGREDIENTS: 4-5 egg yolks 90g brown sugar 1 cup milk 1 cup cream 1 tablespoon brandy EQUIPMENT: You will need an ice-cream maker for this recipe* METHOD: Make a custard with 4-5 egg yolks, 90g brown sugar and 1 cup of milk (temperature should reach but never exceed 80ºC). Then add 1 cup cream and 1 tablespoon of brandy (be careful not to add more alcohol or it won’t set properly). When just set, place in a plastic container, carefully stir through a little less than 1 cup of broken-up christmas pudding and freeze. * If you don't have an ice cream maker you can make Sunday presenter Lish Fejer's mums easy ice cream which can be found here.


We do have an emphasis on trout and the sport of fly fishing, but members' interests are not limited to this so lure/bait, salt/freshwater, salmonid/natives in all the combinations are included in our fishing and competition program.

Meetings are held monthly (except for December and January) on the second Wednesday of the month starting pm at the Raiders Weston Club near Cooleman Court Shopping Centre in Weston.


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