Candace bailey dating 2016

RELATEDFuller House Boss Explains Stephanie’s Tragic, ‘Touching’ Twist in Episode 5 For starters, Kimmy and Fernando strong-armed the Katsopoli into making it a double wedding, following through with their promise to remarry after their quickie divorce.

I use “big day” loosely, though, considering none of Jesse and Becky’s friends or family members — not even Nicky or Alex, with whom they — returned for the sparsely attended service.

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I’m taking a sabbatical between August & December 2016 to try and recalibrate my soul. ) Anyway, If you’d like to follow my awkward encounters during my journey of silence on The Camino, I’ll be posting regular updates at

It’s kind of a win-win for everybody, if you think about it: Kimmy and Ramona get to stay at the house, and Fernando doesn’t need to lie to strange women about not being married while he bones his way down the west coast.

RELATEDFuller House Scoop: Why We Haven’t Met (or Heard About) Joey’s Wife, Kids Of course, Kimmy’s big decision was merely the warm-up — the cocktail hour, if we’re sticking with wedding metaphors — to the finale’s main event: D.

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“I’m sorry, but I just started dating again and this got really complicated,” she told her disappointed suitors.Back to back to back conversations with some of the biggest names I’ve interviewed over the years.


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