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She also served as a Co-Chair in Encouraging Respect, Acceptance, and Support through Education (E. At UTMB, Hayley has continued to be involved in the community.

She plays clarinet regularly in the College of the Mainland Band, is an Interprofessional Scholar, a member of the UTMB Diversity Council and a student coordinator for the Elizabeth Blackwell Osler Student Society.

In this organization, she served in various officer positions, and led two different groups of college students in medical missions to Honduras (2012) and Ghana (2013).For the full length of her undergraduate degree, she participated in neuroscience research studying the neuroanatomy and behavior of Mexican free-tailed bats.She is excited to work with her fellow student scholars in the years to come. Davis Kaylee Davis is a member of the UTMB School of Medicine Class of 2019. During her freshman year, Kaylee was selected as a University Scholar for Texas A&M, the highest honor in the Honors and Undergraduate Research Program.She graduated valedictorian of Stephenville High School and then attended Texas A&M University, graduating summa cum laude with a B. While at Texas A&M, Kaylee was highly involved in Global Medical Brigades.


She spends her time volunteering at Shriner’s hospital, the Resource Crisis Center, and with the Hospice and Palliative Care unit. She serves as one of UTMB’s TMA delegates, was appointed to the TMA Infectious Disease Committee, and is active in writing legislation.

She recently wrote legislation for LGBT+ health issues at both the TMA and AMA level.


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