Candidating for methodist ministers


For complicated life reasons, I spent seven years working in family law before I responded to a call to ministry.



I regularly travel to different synods and local churches to lead events and to preach.

Graham Adams – Tutor in World Christianity (including Mission Studies) and World Faith Traditions I started as a full-time tutor here in 2012, and I really enjoy the work.

I returned to the theology I had intended to read at Sheffield (a long story) through home-study and then an MA at Birmingham where I also began a Ph D in New Testament Hermeneutics – I finished this at Aberdeen (an even longer story).

During that time I taught Greek, Doctrines, and Philosophy of Religion part-time in various places in Birmingham.

But I’m not really a ‘southerner’; my heart is probably on the ‘other’ side of the Pennines in Derbyshire and Yorkshire where much of my education and earlier life was based.In terms of church background, I grew up the daughter of a Congregational manse and was part of a church that voted enthusiastically for the URC in 1972.


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