Caring sensitve male dating

Highly sensitive people, including men, tend to intuitively take on the troubles of the world (or at least the people close to them), so do your best to protect them from your own worries and problems. And though we pointed out in #1 that these men usually bottle up their emotions, when they’re in a loving and secure relationship, Within the safe confines of a romantic relationship, highly sensitive men tend to let their guards down and you’ll see a side of them not many other people get to experience.

Someone who is sensitive to, well, just about everything. It presents unique challenges, because men are often still held to a standard of ‘masculinity’ that doesn’t include showing their sensitivity. The difference is though, instead of responding in an outburst of emotions, sensitive men tend to bury their feelings and clam up.

And while highly sensitive people are believed to make up approximately 20% of the population (which means it’s equally common among both sexes), being a ‘sensitive man’ remains somewhat misunderstood. It’s because they feel more deeply — and are triggered to react accordingly.

They suppress their sensitivity and act the part of the silent, macho man the world may have pressured them to be.

It’s just their way of coping with the overwhelming sensory and emotional information and stress. Don’t try to challenge, diminish or suppress their display of their emotions. Whether it’s to do with romance, a business strategy, a big life decision or simply what to have for dinner, highly sensitive men are notoriously bad at making choices.

If you have a highly sensitive man in your life, be prepared to be as much of a source of support for him as he is to you.It’s also important to manage your own life, without placing any unnecessary burden of responsibility on him — whether it’s personal or professional.In fact, expressing those feelings can be straight up difficult for our guys.They’ve probably figured out, at some point in their life, that opening up to their coworkers or male friends isn’t always safe, so they keep it to themselves.

That’s why it’s important to recognise these situations and approach the men in your life with care. It’s because they agonise over the possibility of making the wrong one.

Don’t always expect the guys in your life to have the final say — join them and support them in every decision-making process. Unless they work in an empathic role, such as a doctor, coach or therapist, highly sensitive men can find it difficult to break through the proverbial glass ceiling.


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