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SUPER, an UMSON student chapter of Academy Health, is a student group whose members strive to educate themselves and others on current health care research development and policy practices.SUPER’s parent organization, Academy Health, is a premier advocate for health services research and policy advancement.We wish to thank all applicants for their interest in the WFA scholarships and for their dedication to furthering our understanding of wild felid ecology and conservation in the Western Hemisphere.: to provide insights on some of the direct and indirect mechanisms by which recovering large carnivore populations (wolves and grizzly bears) impact mammal community dynamics through intra-guild competition and predation and to evaluate potential consequences for subordinate predators (cougars) and shared prey species (elk, bighorn sheep, moose and pronghorn antelope) in a system where anthropogenic factors also play strong roles in shaping dynamics.With their guidance, SUPER hosts legislators and other policymakers from the local, state, and national levels; health services researchers; and those working within the health care system in non-governmental roles to share their experiences with the University of Maryland population.

Luis Adrián Silva Caballero, ) in the Biosphere Reserve Sierra del Abra Tanchipa, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.Objective: Estimate the energy requirements of jaguars that inhabit the Biosphere Reserve Sierra del Abra Tanchipa (BRSAT) based on their food preferences. Candidate, Laboratory of Bioacoustics and Behavior, Laboratory of Terrestrial Vertebrates (Mammalogy) and Scientific Collection Mammal Research, Interdisciplinary Center for Regional Integral Development Unit, Oaxaca, Mexico, IPN (CIIDIR-Oaxaca). José Roberto Sosa López, Thesis: Characterization of habitat use of two species of wild cats (margay and bobcat) in an area designated for voluntary conservation in Oaxaca, Mexico.


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    There are several different methods for estimating the ages of fossils, including: Paleontologists rely on stratigraphy to date fossils.

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