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You have to disturb the way people are looking." He loves that his work is on the street, in the thick of things.


The first response to an ostensibly patriotic theme seems to be mockery, which is perhaps as Australian as Beeke's outrageousness is Dutch.

The poster, Beeke reminds me, was invented in France not much more than a century ago.

So it is not my kind of work and I'm not good at it either, because I'm not interested."Competitors in the Melbourne Design Festival's poster competition have been asked to design works around the words "beauty, rich and rare", taken from Australia's national anthem, Advance Australia Fair.

Responses include a vision of a talking rotary clothesline, a design for a 00 note with Kylie and Nick Cave on either side, a graffiti poster that plays with each word in turn and an indigenous woman holding up a song sheet for the anthem with almost all the lines struck out.

It is not so much that the skills are different but the people are different to work with.They are less serious; their agenda is to have a good lunch.


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    She says she feels uncomfortable providing such material for the public, but so far Federal courts across the country have ruled that banning the Internet from public institutions or even filtering its contents "offends the guarantee of free speech" and "restricts First Amendment rights." Garvey complains, "For me, this has been one of the most challenging issues of my career.

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