Cecilia mwangi dating

Life is even harder come the holiday season, like during Christmas and New Year.A 2015 survey by a leading research firm based in Nairobi revealed that there are more mistresses than married women in Kenya, meaning there are more secret families out there.As the kids from wife A are busy splashing in the swimming pool, our holiday hero will be busy shuffling to the next hotel to be with wife B and her kid(s) splashing in a different pool.Indeed, being a mistress is not always as glamorous as movies would have us believe.No man in his right mind should even dream of spending an hour of this holiday season with his mistress.Family must come first.” According to the 2013 Kenya Demographic and Health Survey, 13 per cent of married women – at least 1.8 million – are in polygamous relationships, compared to seven per cent, or 700,000 of married women who cheat on their husbands.The research revealed that 87 per cent of women aged between 18 and 35 know someone who is dating a married man, 71 per cent of women who sleep with married men have no regrets, 29 per cent would have a child with the married men, while 32 per cent would quickly pack their fornication bags and move in if the man kicked out his wife.The happy women seem to be the ones who are known to the extended family.



If you ever believed that the December festive season is an exclusive opportunity for the married to spend time with family, you may want to think twice as married men with secret families have devised creative ways to hide the ‘wife number two’ during the festive season.One way is to vacation with both families in the same destination, but booking them in separate hotels.



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