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Speaking to RTE radio, he said the college does "everything we can to make the culture one that is open, one that is honest and where a person very honestly prepares for a celibate lifestyle".Dr Martin said he had decided to send student priests to Rome amid further allegations that whistleblowers trying to bring claimed wrongdoing to the attention of authorities were being dismissed from the seminary."I thought a quarrelsome attitude of that kind was not the healthiest place for my students to be, and I decided to send them to the Irish [Pontifical] College [in Rome]," he told State broadcaster RTE.

It was built to train 500 Catholic priests every year, but numbers have dwindled to about 60 in recent years following a fall in vocations.

The president of Maynooth seminary has said he has "no reason to believe" there are student priests at the college not living celibate lives.



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